GameOn Conference: Crushing Myths about Video Games
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Those animations look amazing!! Great job!

Very cool review of the making of Spellbreak. Would be even more cool to see some videos inside UE4 showing how they do a few very specific things unique to them.

This was so helpful for me. I'm hoping to adapt your tutorial to pull off something similar comparing modern satellite imagery with historical maps. No topo, so my steps should be simpler, but I'm a novice with Blender and you've really helped. Thanks!

GameOn Conference: Crushing Myths about Video Games
11 October, 2016

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of playing video games or why games are so attractive to the younger generations? Maybe you have dreams of developing your own game, but just never knew where to start? GameOn, The gaming event of the Baltics, will host a two-part conference, presented by the Lithuanian video game studio „Nordcurrent,” with the aims of helping you get a closer look at the culture of gaming, dispelling some spooky myths about video games as well as giving new game developers the chance to meet the shakers and the makers of the industry.


Last year, the GameOn conference played a pivotal role in squashing gaming-related prejudice. It explored the topics of education, virtual reality and the future of games. This great debut spurred the organizers to split the conference into two parts, expand them and invite even more luminaries to share their stories on the stage.

The entertainment conference, which is playfully named “We All Play” this year, will once again delve into the important questions of gaming culture. The two-day program will give you the possibility to hear well-known people talk about the joys and dangers of virtual worlds as well the ideas that games aim to transmit.

Juste Stašelytė, the organizer for TEDx Vilnius that is lending her expertise to “We All Play”, wanted to emphasize that the intersection of gaming and education is one of the most important topics this year.

The rapidly increasing pace of technological progress invariably affects more and more households, schools and universities. GameOn conference speakers will help the attendants understand the role of games in the process of education and nail down which game qualities give the most benefits. This year, we’ll hear the Kaunas University of Technology lecturers and famous Lithuanian psychologists present their thoughts on gaming and education.

Juste Stašelytė, the organizer for TEDx Vilnius

GameOn will also touch upon the role of youtubers in promoting games. Landfall Games’ (Clustertruck, T.A.B.S.) Petter Henriksson will talk about how their game garnered 120 million views in two months, all thanks to the coverage of YouTube stars. This naturally raises a few questions about how both youtubers and game developers see this nascent symbiosis. Is it equally beneficial to both sides? That is one of those questions that we’ll seek to answer.

GameOn is also proud to host Joost van Donge of Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts, Swords and Soldiers II) studio. He will do more than give a presentation: the conference participants will witness his personal project “Cello Fortress”. Van Donge claims that this game can be controlled via cello – you will be able to see how that works during the “We All Play” conference.

The conference will also reference the aspects of the culture not directly related to playing videogames. Tomas Jacevičius, one of the founders of „Herolab“, will talk about his passion for collecting miniatures of game characters. This is an exotic hobby that has yet to become mainstream in Lithuania. The GameOn visitors will be able to both peek into this subculture and win prizes. Meanwhile, the “Dreamerlink” team from Vilnius will present their idea to take player avatars not only to VR, but to a whole player-oriented VR social network.

Arvydas Žemaitis, one of the most successful Lithuanian game developers and the author of the widely known “Shoppe Keep” game, will talk about his plans to the future. “Shoppe Keep” is also storming the VR space: Arvydas will give us a glimpse of the future by wearing VR gear during the presentation and will outline the extraordinary planned features for the game.

“We All Play” conference will cover a whole lot of ground. Jusetė Stašelytė believes that it will be interesting to everyone, both young and old, no matter what their hobby is.

Everybody – gamers, businesspeople, advertising experts and so on – will get a unique opportunity to peer behind the curtain and see the high tech processes that exist in game development. We hope to inspire new developers, and to show games in a different light to people previously not interested in gaming. The conference is going to be so rich in content that the participants will hardly have the time to visit other GameOn attractions!

Juste Stašelytė, the organizer for TEDx Vilnius

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