Games Workshop Made £25 Million from Video Games Last Year

The company expects six Warhammer games to launch in 2022/23.

Games Workshop, the company behind Warhammer, has released its financial report and discussed its plans to make video games.

During the year, the company's licensing partners launched six new Warhammer games, four on PC/console, one VR, and one mobile, with "launches of note" being Total War: Warhammer 3 and Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters. Games Workshop's overall licensing revenue increased by £11.7 million (about $14 million) to £28 million (around $34 million) in 2021/2022, which was "largely due to a high level of guarantee income on multi-year contracts signed in the year." Overall, licensing operating profit grew to £25.4 million ($30 million).

The company's profits from miniatures, retail, and other sales were up by 11% from £353.2 million ($428 million) to £391.5 million ($474 million).

As for video games themselves, the report mentions Space Marine 2, "which has been the most consistently requested game since the first game came out in 2011. Fan response was overwhelmingly positive." Games Workshop is expecting six new games to lauch in 2022/23, including Warhammer 40,000: Darktide and Bloodbowl 3. "In total there are 12 unreleased games in development and four new licences were signed in the year."

The company is looking for more long-term partners: "The efforts it takes to bring a video game to launch is incredible – we take this opportunity to thank our current partners for their ongoing investment in Warhammer, their hard work and dedication in representing our IP true to their artistic and literary form and wish them continued success."

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