Gamescom 2015: Andy Touch Talks Favorite Unity Games

Gamescom 2015: Andy Touch Talks Favorite Unity Games

Unity technical evangelist named some of the best games created with Unity.

Unity Technologies had a big presence at Gamescom 2015. The company did not make any groundbreaking announcements, but it did talk with the developers and presented a lot of incredible games. Unity’s booth was constantly full of people, talking about games and game development. The company invited a bunch of developers and gave them an opportunity to show their products. You couldn’t find one boring demo.

During the event we’ve met with Unity’s technical evangelist Andy Touch, who talked a bit about the company’s presence at Gamescom 2015, the success of Blacksmith demo, and his favorite “made with Unity” projects.

Unity at Gamescom 2015

We’ve invited all the developers to show their games. We have a lot of different projects here. Esper is a very cool VR puzzle game. It’s set in 1975 and gives you an opportunity to take part in an incredible telekinetic test. There’s Coffin Dodgers with old people driving cars. A darkly comedic game for The Simpsons and Family Guy fans.

We try to use these events to show what kind of games you can really make with Unity 5. Unity’s development community is huge around the world. There’s over 5 million companies and around 2 million are based here in Europe, and it’s growing every week. We also have two demo pods here and we show our Blacksmith demo to our users.

The Blacksmith Demo


You’ve probably seen this great cinematic demo in real-time. It allows us to show what you can actually do with Unity 5 today. There’s a lot of assets in this demo: mountains, rocks, cabins, bridges and characters. It’s all available for download!


With The Blacksmith we did not want to make a traditional big project. Instead we made something quite unique. We’ve recorded a lot of videos and articles, describing how our artists created this product. We talk about the engine, the concept art, the art direction. all those things are incredibly important to game developers. It’s a great way to look behind the curtain and see how big project are being created now.

We’ve divided the Blacksmith demo into a couple of chunks. You can download different packages of content (characters, effects, landscapes) and study them in detail. It’s much easier to learn this way. There’s no need to download huge projects if you just want to study the way artists are creating the wrinkles on the character’s face.


You have complete freedom with The Blacksmith content. You can take the assets, study them, analyze them, break them down, change their colors, make them cell-shaded. You can even put them in your own game. Quite a lot of people actually take the villain of our Blacksmith demo and make him a boss character in their game. We’ve actually seen this with every demo we’ve released.


The Blacksmith demo is less concentrated on the building of gameplay, but more on the creation of assets and content. With this demo we try to teach people how to create assets for their games.

Download The Blacksmith Demo

Most Visually Appealing Unity Games

Unity is such a versatile and complex technology it often becomes difficult to pick just one favorite project. I’ll name a few.


In 2D category Cuphead is the clear winner. It has an impressive visual style of the 40s cartoon and Megamanish gameplay. Very cool.



Ori and The Blind Forest is clearly another masterpiece. Beautiful presentation and hardcore gameplay.

Angry Birds 2

The mobile category is occupied by Angry Birds 2. It’s an amazing game with incredible animation. Rovio did great work and filled the levels with subtle details and movements that make the whole world come to life. Every pixel was clearly thought out.


1 of 4

Firewatch looks really cool. It’s very stylized but at the same time it looks incredible detailed and fresh.



Rust is probably one of the most famous online Unity games with detailed 3D graphics. It has distinct style. Read about the porting of Rust to Unity 5 here.

The Forest


I also love The Forest which has great visual fidelity and a great level of polish.

Stranded Deep


Stranded Deep also looks very cool.


But my faivorite is probably Pollen – it’s an amazing VR game with incredible visuals.


Andy Touch, Unity Technologies

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    Gamescom 2015: Andy Touch Talks Favorite Unity Games