GameTextures works with TurboSquid to Distribute PBR Substances
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nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

GameTextures works with TurboSquid to Distribute PBR Substances
25 March, 2016

TurboSquid, the provider of 3D models for professionals, announced a partnership with GameTextures who has added distribution of over 1,200 of their materials and substances to the TurboSquid library., Seattle-based video game art studio is well-known for providing high quality, easy-to-use Physically-Based and Substance Materials. They created the first library with Physically Based standard, used by thousands of game titles, from AAA to Indie.

We’re extremely happy to be partnering with TurboSquid to offer our collection of PBR Substances to artists. As artists ourselves, our goal has always been to deliver a robust set of materials that make everyone’s life easier. Making these materials easily accessible to folks so they could buy them individually is a request we’d heard from our customers, and given TurboSquid’s reach and reputation in the 3D space, we felt this was a good place to provide them.

It worth mentioning that a couple of days ago there was a launch of TurboSquid’s real-time asset portal. All these moves makes it easier for developers to create their game using PBR standards.

The GameTextures team has produced some really amazing Substance files that we’re proud to offer to our games and real-time customers who need quality at a moment’s notice. We’ve seen and understand how integral PBR workflows are becoming to many real-time endeavors,  and we feel that it’s important to support this new workflow by helping provide the best of what is available. We believe that the GameTextures team has outdone itself in this regard, and we’re looking forward to seeing how their collection is received by the TurboSquid community.

Beau Perschall, TurboSquid’s VP of Business Development

Source: turbosquid

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