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11 March, 2015

Marcus Müller from the German publisher gamigo, told about the company’s services and tools that help developers and publishers to publish and promote their games.

gamigo is a publisher for online, free-to-play, casual, and mobile games. We’re based in Hamburg and our core markets are Europe and North America. We have two flagships in our portfolio: Fiesta Online and Last Chaos. These two games come from Korea. We started with these games in 2006 and they are still successful in our core markets. We’re not actually focused on Asian games; it’s just that these two games were the most successful ones.


Marcus Müller ©, 2015

For game developers this year, we’re offering this new Gaming as a Service product that consists of six main parts. We give a chance for (all) developers to publish the game itself. By doing this you don’t have to sign the contract for five or six years. All you have to do is sign up for a short-term 6-month contract and you get access to our infrastructure, backend, and payment. You also get full support from us for Europe and North America. Additionally, you can choose to work with our company on a production level. In this case gamigo will assist with producing, publishing, marketing, design, and optimization.


gamigo services include consulting and giving developers and publishers advice on specific problems. For this, you pay a separate consultant fee. However, if you’re applying for the full service there will be a setup fee and a revenue share. For indie games we have special deals. For example, if you are an indie company and you ask for a discount, we will drop the setup fee and will most likely just ask for a revenue share. Even with this you will get our full infrastructure, backend, and payment solutions.

Distribution of signed games goes through our portals (for example: and we have a huge website for our online games. With this, there is an option for our clients to get a placement on our portal. We have a huge user base consisting of 35+million people worldwide. You can either negotiate a nice placement on this portal, or you can figure out your own marketing plan. Our consultants will assist in working out the perfect strategy for your particular product. You will also get access to our affiliate network (there’s more than 600 affiliates). Along with this you can distribute your game yourself.


Fiesta Online

We provide payment solutions to our partners. It is essential that the payment transaction must be provided through our backend. We have a large number of different payment solutions such as e-wallets, credit cards, and so on. We also do all the VAT related things for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

gamigo gives developers data tools to assist with data mining and the ability to analyze their results. All in all it’s a great way to distribute and publish independent online games.


Marcus Müller, Business Development Manager, Gamigo AG

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