GDC 2017: Making Robo Recall Cinematics with Sequencer
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London GB   21, Jan — 23, Jan
Taipei TW   24, Jan — 29, Jan
Zürich CH   31, Jan — 4, Feb
Leamington Spa GB   31, Jan — 3, Feb
Bradford GB   6, Feb — 11, Feb
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GDC 2017: Making Robo Recall Cinematics with Sequencer
30 March, 2017
Epic Games has a shared a talk by Wes Bunn, Sr. Technical Writer, from GDC 2017 dedicated to Sequencer, Unreal Engine’s cinematic tool. The developer broke down and edited the intro cinematic from the Epic’s VR game Robo Recall. 

In this video, we take a look at how you can use Sequencer to create in-game scripted events as well as traditional multi-camera cinematics. See how Epic created the intro cinematic in Robo Recall and watch as we modify it live, render the scene out, then bring it all back together to play inside our level. We also show you some of the new features that have been added over the past year!

Epic Games

Source: Epic Games

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