GDC: Parcour Production Guide

During the GDC conference, Bartosz Kulon, a game designer from Techland, discussed the development of movements in the Dying Light game.

The talk has three major topics about how the movement in the game was developed: 

  • Crucial player mechanics that were implemented in the game;
  • Problems and Solutions that happened during the production;
  • Additional Tweaks for the improvement of the movement.


Techland is a AAA game developer that has developed and published some big games, including Dead Island and Dying Light. Dying Light is a first-person action survival game. You will dive into the apocalyptic world and fight with zombies that appeared in the town because of the mysterious epidemic virus. The key feature of the game is the freedom of the movement in it, so you can scale the buildings with parkour and explore the city. 

You can get the game on Steam.

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    GDC: Parcour Production Guide