GDC18: Designing Titanfall Levels with Action Blocks
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Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
Moscow RU   4, Oct — 8, Oct
Prague CZ   5, Oct — 7, Oct
São Paulo BR   10, Oct — 15, Oct
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Great! If a beginner wants to learn Houdini then they needs to click here:

why Hellblade didn't come on ps4 yet ?

by daria
2 hours ago

Thank you for noticing, alfred, we've swapped them

GDC18: Designing Titanfall Levels with Action Blocks
11 September, 2018

Let’s check out another amazing talk from GDC 2018. This time, we’ll learn more about the design challenges behind a standout single-player campaign of Titanfall 2. The game features a number of unique and unexpected levels like “Effect and Cause” and “Into the Abyss,” and the thing is that the team faced some significant challenges discussed by Respawn’s Christopher Dionne at the event. 

First, early development stages evolved around comfortable techniques that led to familiar results, but the team didn’t want an expected and uninspired place. Luckily, Respawn used rapid-prototyping technique artists call “action blocks”, which became the key to their design process. 

The talk covers the level “Into the Abyss” and demonstrates how Respawn used action blocks to build the level, explore gameplay, and generate memorable experiences. Take some time to master a new tool that will help you create fun, unique and surprising gameplay.

You can find the recording here


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