Gearbox Hires 16 Students to Work on a New VR Title
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guys post some article with unity most of your post are based on UE4

This has come a long way since I last saw it, great job on the final version!

by Charlotte Delannoy
1 days ago

Thanks a lot ! Did you give some masterclass of something ?

Gearbox Hires 16 Students to Work on a New VR Title
17 May, 2017
Gearbox Software has hired a team of 16 SMU Guildhall students to work on an unannounced VR project, the studio announced.

After graduating in May, students of one of the best schools for game development will begin developing a new title. This is a new level of longstanding relationship between SMU Guildhall and Gearbox Software. The game developer assisted with the initial curriculum development for SMU Guildhall in 2003 and hired many Guildhall alumni. 


The quality of the education and experience the Guildhall students have earned has motivated Gearbox Software Senior Producer, Brian Burleson, and myself to custom-build a new team around the 16 graduating Guildhall artists, programmers, designers and producers that will be joining a key Virtual Reality project this month at our headquarters in Frisco, Texas.

Randy Pitchford, President, CEO and Co-Founder of Gearbox Software 

Artists Taylor Bishop, Nicholas Dorbin, Benjamin D. Gibson, Clay Howell, and K. Komal Shashank; designers Michael Feffer, Alexandre Foures, Steve Kocher, Jacob Lavender, and Sam Pate; artists Devanshu Bishnoi, Nina Davis, Taylor Gallagher, Taylor McCart, and Mace Mulleady; and producer Mario Rodriguez joined the team. 

Since SMU Guildhall was founded 15 years ago, I have been a key supporter and ‘Guildmaster’ of the nation’s very first Master’s Degree program in Interactive Technology. In this year’s graduating cohort, I am very excited that such an amazing group of talent has emerged from the program prepared to hit the ground running with research and development in Virtual Reality.

Randy Pitchford, President, CEO and Co-Founder of Gearbox Software

Plans of the company remain mysterious. We only know that the developers are working on the third part of Borderlands. Little is known about the new VR project. 

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