Generating Multilayered Worn Paint with Anchors in SP
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Great! If a beginner wants to learn Houdini then they needs to click here:

why Hellblade didn't come on ps4 yet ?

by daria
2 hours ago

Thank you for noticing, alfred, we've swapped them

Generating Multilayered Worn Paint with Anchors in SP
17 July, 2018

Andrew ‘Zelfit’ Mykhailov shared a short 5-minute guide to using anchors inside Substance Painter. The tutorial will show you a way to generate multilayered worn paint, giving tips on Painter’s possibilities.  

I decided I’ll be making short free tutorials from time to time. 
Quick 5-minute tutorial about using anchors to make multilayered worn paint. Different layers reveal from different white values of a single mask. 
It is just a simple example of how useful anchors are. Possibilities are endless. Anchors can save you hours of manual work.

Andrew ‘Zelfit’ Mykhailov 

You can find more works and tutorials by the artist here

Source: ArtStation

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