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Very interesting! Thank you Valery for such a useful review of your work!

I found your blog to be very informative. I am very happy to read your blog it's very useful to me.

by Tomasz Wikliński
10 hours ago

Great stuff. And many thanks for those tuts by Jason! They helped me a lot.

Get All Tutorials from Tor Frick for Half the Price
7 November, 2017

Tor Frick just announced over at his Facebook page, that he’s having a huge 50% discount on all of his tutorials for the whole week. To get these great videos for half the price, use the discount code: bevels. Here’s a little overview of the tutorials.


Transport lowpoly tutorial

In this tutorial I take my transportvehicle from the previous tutorial and build a lowpoly, unwraps and bakes it in Modo, and combine the texture in photoshop before bringing it in to UE4/marmoset.

Over three hours of narrated video, and an additional 2.5 hours of timelapse video. You also get the sourcefiles for the lowpoly, aswell as the textures in full resolution and an example source texture of one of the texturesheets.

How to get faster in Modo

In this tutorial I go through some of my processes and thoughts on how to get faster at modelling in Modo. I go through in detail how to set up hotkeys, how to set up hotkeys within specific tools, how to create Macros and piemenus aswell as editing config files and creating your own self-contained configsetups. I also talk a bit about what I do to find new ways of getting faster, and ironing out slow parts of my modelling process. 

Transport vehicle tutorial

In this tutorial I will go through my entire process from blockout to rendered highpoly of this scifi vehicle in Modo. I go through the blockout stages, assembling a kitbashing set, modelling the entire vehicle aswell as creating decals, materials and rendering in Modo. This tutorial is for intermediate users of modo, it does assume that you have some knowledge of how to find your way around modo and its tools.

Introduction to Modo

This video is a basic introduction to modelling in Modo, aimed at complete beginners. I go through everything from the interface and modelling to UVs and rendering, at a very basic level.

This video is primarily aimed at people who want a quick introduction to modo and where things are located, how things work, aswell as general tips and tricks. I do not go into depth in any particular tools, but I do try to cover the basics of what I think you need to know to start getting your way around modo.

Don’t forget to use the discount codebevels.


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Christian Fabian Gallego
Christian Fabian Gallego

A friend and I ran into the same issue. I had the option to place the code and she did not. I am a longtime user of gumroad and have purchased several tutorials, as well as follow the artist through gumroad. She has never bought anything and does not have an account. There is an option to upgrade an account for 10$ a month. Maybe that has something to do with it. However, I do not pay for that service so it may be completely unrelated. She wrote them an e-mail asking why she was not getting the option.

Jeremiah Clark
Jeremiah Clark

I’d like to purchase a few of these, but I’m also not seeing a place to enter the code. There is nothing showing up between the email and CC spots on the checkout screen. I’ve double checked that I’m logged in and that I don’t have any ad-blockers causing problems.


Yes there is. When you choose to checkout and pay for everything in your cart, the option to enter a code is right below your email address and above your credit card information…


Right, no way to enter the discount code!


There is not field to enter the discount code on his gumroad page. No code=no purchase