Getting More Design Done in UE4
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O man, this helpme so much! thanks!

Amazing this information. Thanks alot!

SpeedCut is a awesome tool! Would love to also see it be implemented into blender!

Getting More Design Done in UE4
20 May, 2019

Let’s have a look a recording of a brilliant session on design in UE4 from Unreal Fest Europe 2019. The panel was led by Andreas Suika, Arcade Berg from Neon Giant, Michelle Chapman, and Peter Akrill.

This panel discussion from Unreal Fest Europe 2019 discusses ways you can use to boost productivity as a designer working in UE4. The panel of UE4 design experts shared their thoughts on a broad range of topics, including daily workflow, team collaboration, prototyping and design-related engine features like Blueprints.

It is a really nice way to learn something from true experts, and we were glad to get some tips from the Game Director of Neon Giant. The session features tons of helpful tips, so please find 50 minutes and watch.

Don’t forget to discuss the session in the comments.

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