God of War: Raising Kratos | Sony Documentary

God of War: Raising Kratos | Sony Documentary

A Sony feature-length documentary on the God of War is coming soon.

Sony says the documentary was made with 400 hours of behind-the-scenes footage, from the development floor at Santa Monica Studio, to the performance capture stage, to the game’s public debut at E3 2016, and even further.
The game dev head Scott Rohde explained on the PlayStation Blog: “The ultimate goal was to go beyond a ‘making of’ piece and dig deeper into the experiences of those who spend relentless time and effort into making something great. All creative endeavors, especially those of this magnitude, require an incredible amount of dedication and focus that constantly toe the fine line that separates both success and failure. The hope is that once people see the experience of Santa Monica Studio unfold on the screen, they will recognize the undying passion for their work and the incredible respect they have for their craft.”

The documentary follows Cory Barlog and the Santa Monica development team through the decisions to take God of War in this direction, and the effort it took to get there successfully.

You can find more information on Sony Official Blog.

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