Godot Engine Gets Grant from Mozilla
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Godot Engine Gets Grant from Mozilla
17 April, 2019

Godot Engine revealed it has become the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the Mozilla Open Source Support Mission Partners program. The team will use the money for three different initiatives that will support Mozilla’s mission of furthering an open and accessible web. 

The first one is about getting Godot’s engine editor running in the browser while supporting all features. “While it’s relatively easy to make the editor build and run for browsers, many of its features can’t work out of the box and need specific development for HTML5, such as handling multi-threading or the lack thereof, running/debugging edited projects, filesystem management, cloud storage, etc,” states the Godot team.

Users will be able to run and edit projects directly in the browser with mobile browser support being also in the plans, including support for touchscreen interfaces.

The second involves the low-level and high-level networking APIs in Godot to integrate WebRTC technology, including the creation of documentation, demos and plugins. Also, they will work on better tools and debugging features for networked projects and improving the Multiplayer API.

The third is about new artwork and high-quality demos to be used to showcase and benchmark various features of the engine. You can learn more here.

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