Google Pixel – a Smartphone Meant for VR

Google Pixel – a Smartphone Meant for VR

New standards of mobile and Vr markets from Google.

Google has announced new products that can possibly change both mobile and VR markets. First, they’ve presented their new flagman called Google Pixel. It is a smartphone meant for VR with specs good enough to compete with any device out there. Then there was something else – Google unveiled their new VR device with a brand new approach. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the event. 

First of all, let’s take a look at the important features of Google Pixel’s camera:

  • F2.0 aperture with 12 megapixel sensor that allows taking quick and sharp pictures;
  • The phone features Smartburst that takes a lot of images and picks the best one;
  • HDR plus – a multiple-exposure, pixel by pixel composite that lets you take photos in low light or high contrast environments;
  • Low shutter lag. Actually, there’s a chance in the lowest you’ve tested (with a phone);
  • Video stabilization – sampling the gyroscope at 200 times per second, and instantaneously compensating each part of the image;
  • Built-in Google Photos – totally free and unlimited. Take all the pictures you can and forget about alerts.


So, yes, it has all the features, but is Google’s latest camera good enough? The company states that it can even beat iPhone 7. It has received the highest rating ever for a smartphone from industry group DXOMark – 89 compared to the Apple flagman’s 86. And don’t forget it features only one lens. 

The phone also features a smart battery that can get seven hours of charge in fifteen minutes. Pixel, of course, has automatic updates, 24/7 customer support, switching support and other useful features. It comes in two sizes (5” and 5.5”) and three colors (Quite Black, Very Silver, and Really Blue).

Information on the prices – $649 for the 5in, 32GB model; higher for the 5.5in and for the 128GB models, and even higher for the 5.5in, 128GB model.


Let’s talk about Google’s VR. The company has a different take indeed. Yes, you still get a standard headset, which you have to strap to your face, but it has a different look. In fact, it looks more like something for a good night’s sleep – Google looked to fabrics, not gadgets, for inspiration. The company has collaborated with clothing designers to get the fabrics just right. As a result, it weighs 30% less than other VR devices and work great with your glasses. Pretty cool, yes. 

Google Pixel is the first smartphone to be ‘Daydream ready’. More are coming for you to experience the newest VR device in three colors. Both headset and phone speak wirelessly, the headset has an auto-calibration feature.

Daydream also features a controller, a clickable touchpad at the top, two buttons in the middle, and a bunch of motion-sensitive sensors inside, that also features a home inside the headset.

Google knows how to sell their products – you’ll probably have to buy the device because it can get you to Harry Potter’s world with a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them experience. Google also has a new game by Eve Online creators CCP, Gunjack 2 and other titles on store. The company knows that a way to push VR market.

Daydream costs $79.


There was more to see. The company has also presented Google Home that is Google’s Amazon Echo competitor. You can get it in the US for $129.


Then there was Chromecast Ultra, 4K Chromecast, and Google Wi-Fi that is a small round Wi-Fi access point.

You can get all the other specs on all of the Google’s products here

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    Google Pixel - a Smartphone Meant for VR