Google Released Free VR Tour of Versailes

Google collaborated with Chateau de Versailles and launched a detailed VR Tour that will let you visit Versailles.

With the app, it became possible to get inside the palace and take a look at its famous paintings, architecture, sculpture, and design. Now, you can study and enjoy one of the most illustrious buildings of the 17th century without being bothered by anyone else.

You can study the King and Queen’s state apartments, the Royal Opera House, the Royal Chapel (sculpted by Corneil Van Clève in the 18th century), the iconic 73 meter-long Hall of Mirrors, and more.

Image courtesy Google Arts & Culture

“What makes this experience unique is the size of the digitization we’ve undertaken here in Versailles,” Google Arts & Culture Lab’s Damien Henry says. “We’ve captured 24 rooms in 12 days. We were able to capture 7,000 square meters, and if we count the walls and roof, the total amount is 36,000 square meters.” 

While the total amount is a bit more than half of the actual palace measures, creators hope that getting a VR experience will eventually lead to a real visit. 

The app is available here

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