Goro Fujita Introduces New Format For Game Art
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by Joel Alexandre
24 min ago

Hi. Can you tell how the glass material was made? I found it very interesting.Congratz

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by Alvar Lagerlöf
10 hours ago

Dammit. Not again. This is path tracing not Ray tracing. Ray tracing is practically an hybrid scam. This is the real stuff, the stuff from Disney and Pixar movies. Stop helping Nvidia sell ray tracing. It's not good.

Goro Fujita Introduces New Format For Game Art
20 April, 2017
Quillustration is the new type of 3d content done with Quill – VR-panting software for Oculus Rift. It helps to capture entire moments in time.

For centuries paintings remained in the realm of simple 2d. You could just watch them from one perspective and nothing more. However, with the introduction of 3d tech, it changed significantly. Seems like the next huge step will be painting in VR. Instead of just capturing a scene, with VR you can literally create a moment in time and share it with the world in a unique format – Quillustration.

Quillustration is the word Goro Fujita uses to describe his virtual illustration, which he creates with Quill. It’s a VR-painting software for Oculus Rift & Touch. The newest version of the software also holds animation capabilities and Goro decided to test them out. In the end, he got a piece of artistic jewelry, that helps to create amazing 3d content:

Immediately I started thinking about how I could use it in my work. Several years ago I used to create animated gifs in form of endless loops. I always liked how these gifs could capture moments far better than a single painting. That made me think: “What if I painted and animated a moment in time that people could explore and experience from multiple angles at their own pace?”

This is when I started working on my first animated Quillustration. I started with a street and animated a guy walking down this street frame by frame. Then I added a guy smoking a cigarette on the other side of the street all as looping animations. The more I added to the scene the more magical it became. Seeing my painted characters come alive and being inside my painting with them was incredible.

The scene kept growing and as I added positional audio to the mix it became complete. This piece took me about 80 hours to finish and the fact that Quill allows a single person to create something like this is still mind boggling to me. Important to note, what you are about to see is a real-time capture of the animated Quillustration meaning it’s all running in real time inside Quill. 

This new medium is truly something extraordinary, it’s more than I could have ever dreamed of! So thank you Inigo Quilez and the Quill team for making this possible!

Goro Fujita 

Goro Fujita is famous already for his amazing “Worlds in Worlds” VR painting, but with this new project and additional animation, his works are getting pretty close to Pixar-level. Be sure to check out his Gumroad for a bunch of amazing paintings and tutorials. It is truly a new world we are living in right now. An incredible time to be in 3d art business.

It is truly a new world we are living in right now. An incredible time to be in 3d art business.

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