Ground Control Studios Updates Hyper Gods

Ground Control Studios Updates Hyper Gods

The Porto Indie Studio has updated Hyper Gods, their second Steam title, adding a great number of new features.

The Porto indie studio has updated Hyper Gods, their second Steam title, adding a number of new features and moving closer to final release. The game will also be available for Xbox late 2018, becoming the studio’s first title to reach the Microsoft Console.

February 14th, 2017 – Porto, Portugal/ Ground Control Studios is proud to announce a large update on Hyper Gods.

About Ground Control Studios: Ground Control is a tiny indie games/VR studio from Porto, Portugal. Founded in 2014, it has been mostly focused on PC Game and VR development. Both Hyper Gods and Return Zero VR mark its first forays into desktop and console releases.

According to the developer, the update is already live and players can have access to all the features starting today, namely: 2D cinematic boss battles, greatly improved graphics/audio, Singleplayer Arcade Mode, Leaderboard Support, tutorial mode.

Hyper Gods is an ultra-fast dogfighter that pits players against “Gods” who rule sections of the universe. The ultimate goal is to destroy or capture all the “Gods” and harness their power.

According to João Vinagre, lead-developer and creator of Hyper Gods, the new feature-set is key to establish a solid gameplay experience and is optimistic about its reception by players: “Hyper Gods is speed. From the beginnings of the project, there was always a desire to make a game that fully embraced speed while also retaining the deep and rewarding gameplay of classic Shoot’em Ups. After several iterations, we feel that with v0.6 we’ve finally accomplished that goal, making the adrenaline-fueled action of the game intuitive, stylish and, most importantly, fun. As such, the addition of Leaderboards, which reward the most precise gameplay, and Tutorials, to ease new players on the mechanics of Hyper Gods, proved to be essential. With this, we’ve reached a grand milestone for the project, and we hope that players have as much fun playing it as we did making it.”

“Hyper Gods Gameplay Trailer” featuring fully playable, in-game footage can be viewed here:

Hyper Gods is available on Steam and Humble Store. Press demos are already available for all platforms upon request.

Hyper Gods it’s the name of the arcade game focused on sense of speed and dazzling space developed by Ground Control Studios. Imagine a combination of Luftrausers and Tron, with spaceships and in space! Hyper Gods is  available on Steam and Humble Store. It will be released on Xbox One late 2018.

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