GTA V Redux: What would the next GTA look like?
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by lesa cote
9 hours ago

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Thanks for sharing, the lighting on the wheels and coins is beautiful, very painterly.

by Catalyst
17 hours ago

The site is in Japanese, but the program was in English for me.

GTA V Redux: What would the next GTA look like?
12 July, 2016

The developers of the GTA V Redux mod (Josh Romito is actually THE developer in this case) has recently shared a nice video, showcasing some of the amazing graphical modifications to the popular game.

GTA V Redux is a top to bottom overhaul of the entire Grand Theft Auto universe. The developers made a bunch of visual enchantments, which changed the game’s look immensely. The textures of the roads were changed, with custom norman and specular maps, including road damages, cross walks, sidewalks and more. There are new 4k textures for plants, trees, bushes, explosions and particle effects.





The team did a lot of work on color corrections, tone mapping and more. The weather system was changed completely. Lighting is redone, thanks to a simulated global illumination system. Shadows are nicer, there’s a bunch of additional motion blur, DOF effects, bokeh and so on. They have also created individual direct light for every body of water, which makes the ocean look better than in reality. The full list of enchantments, including gameplay changes, is published here.







Meanwhile you can check out the newest trailer n 60 FPS and see it all for yourselves. There’ no information about the time of the release and you can’t get early access version too, sadly.


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