Guide: Blob Effect in UE4

Have a look at a step-by-step video guide to creating a Blob Effect in Unreal Engine.

The tutorial was recorded by Marien El Alaoui, a Technical Artist at Epic Games from France. This video on Raymarching will explain to you how to create advances Materials using HLSL in UE4.

You will learn about two different ways to do a cool Blobby Effect:

  • The first one is a ScreenSpace Smooth Union version (Using the DepthBuffer)
  • The other solution is using the Global Distance Field to avoid ScreenSpace limitation.

You can find the Distance field function here. Don't forget to share your results on social media. You can always play with different values, change the code and create your own colorful Blob!

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  • Iterationiskey Iterationiskey

    How applicable for mobile?


    Iterationiskey Iterationiskey

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Guide: Blob Effect in UE4