Guide: Pixel Art Tilesets in Hexels
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by linda simon
4 min ago

it’s great post.i learn something new.i’ll try it my own.

by Netraraj Pun
3 hours ago

Awesome. Really great tips for beginners like me to start working correctly.

Very interesting article, thanks for sharing!

Guide: Pixel Art Tilesets in Hexels
6 February, 2018

Marmoset has published a new Hexels guide by Mark Knight to creating seamless pixel art textures and exporting a tileset for 2D game development. Learn how you can build a confectionary themed tileset and use it to prototype a level layout.

Here is a small piece to get you interested: 

To start, I used Pixel Layers on the ‘Squares’ template and enlarged my canvas size to 275×150. This allows for plenty of room to move shapes around.

Creating the seamless ‘fizzy drink’ texture.

I created a solid 32×32 square to form the background of the tile. The next step was to draw a series of circles on a new pixel layer to represent bubbles. The bubbles are offset from the tile for the following demonstration.

I tested the tileability of the pattern by double-clicking the ‘bubbles’ layer and ticking the ‘Wrapped’ box in the Layer properties window. This shows how the image repeats and where components needed to be repositioned to avoid seams.

I moved some areas horizontally and vertically to their corresponding positions.

Mark Knight 

Make sure to study the full guide here


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