Rumors: Guillermo del Toro’s Studio is making a Fallout 4 trailer
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by Jacob Merrill
2 hours ago

UPBGE is very active - a fork of bge with enchanced phyiscs, rendering, and workflow additions. enchanced mesh editing w/ BVH_Tree_From_KX_MeshProxy()

by Acacia
12 hours ago

Setting the light in the Unreal Engine 4.20 is quite good, with many different types of lighting duck life

by Acacia
12 hours ago

Stylish Water Shader 2.0 for Unity with many great features, I enjoyed this new application run 3

Rumors: Guillermo del Toro's Studio is making a Fallout 4 trailer
11 May, 2015

Seems like Fallout 4 trailer has been already created. According to the recent post on LinkedIn by a Mirada Studios artist the video for one of the most anticipated games in the world has been in production since December 2014.

The artist has already edited his portfolio, but the Internet never forgets. So here’s a little screenshot for you.


The studio Mirada Studios is actually a Guillermo del Toro production company. The artist behind the aforementioned video has previously worked on trailers for Far Cry 4 and Forza, which makes the whole thing pretty believable. LinkedIn update stated that he was working on the Fallout 4 trailer between December and March.

According to the recent rumors Fallout 4 will be unveiled at E3. The game will be shown behind closed doors, but the trailer will likely be presented during the Bethesda own E3 conference.


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