Gumroad Digest: Buildings Production

Gumroad Digest: Buildings Production

Check out 4 Gumroad packs that will help you with buildings creation. The compilation includes sci-fi and stylized environment packs and tutorials. Pick up the one that works best for you!

The pack with stylized archaeology assets from Chunck Trafagander.


  • Read Me PDF
  • 64 lowpoly assets
  • 2 dynamic particle systems
  • 1 texture atlas for all assets (with space for further addition)
  • A demo scene populated with all provided assets (Unity 2019.3.0b2)

Sergey Tyapkin’s tutorial, where he shared his workflow in Modo that will help boost your creativity in the production of buildings, spaceships, weapons, etc. 

The 2-hour step-by-step tutorial goes with: 

  • 10 videos 
  • project files
  • Ready Building Generator scene


You will need Modo 12.0v1 or higher.

Another pack from Sergey Tyapkin for sci-fi building creation. 

Note: if you get the previous tutorial, you'll get this pack, too. 

Pack for artists who want to learn how to fill backgrounds with sci-fi buildings. Perfect for rendering in Octane, Redshift, etc.

Technical details:

  • 30 meshes;
  • .obj and .fbx formats;
  • auto UVs;
  • 5 materials per building: base, roof, glass, sign, lights;
  • from 50 000 tris per building

A class from Damien Peinoit where you will learn how to create an environment, including working with references and creating reusable assets. The class covers the workflow in most popular software for the production: 3Ds Max, ZBrush, Maya, SpeedTree, Substance Painter, Vray

Some details:

  • 4 chapters with 43 videos 
  • 10 files 
  • 4 text files 

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