Gumroad Digest: PBR Materials Packs

Check out materials packs from Enrico Tammekand and overlaps and a tire generator from Bohdan Bilous.


1. Substance Designer Material Pack

Get a pack with 10 materials and their graphs from Enrico Tammekand.

Please, note that you can use this pack for educational purposes only. You must embed the product into your project to use and share it legally.

To work with these materials, you will need Substance Designer 2018.2.0 or later.

2. Tire Rubber Generator

Create a PBR material of a car tire with needed parameters using a generator from Bohdan Bilous.

The generator will work with Substance Player, game engines Unity and Unreal, and Autodesk programs Maya or 3DS Max. For the latter, make sure you have installed plugins.

Some features:

  • Prepared tread patterns (12 unique patterns) inside
  • Input custom tread pattern with grayscale input
  • Color selection (as a tint for rubber)
  • Smart roughness parameters
  • The option of dust and dirt
  • Damage slider
  • Selection 7 different fonts and option to import custom font text*
  • Options to have "Tread only" or "Clean outputs"
  • Add metal studs and chain (v1.1)

PBR Materials Collection

Check out 5 basic PBR materials from overlaps. All 5 packs include a clean graph for each material and dirt/paint/adjustments control so you can customize them for your project.

1. Wooden Floor

2. Modern Wooden Floor

3. Pirate Planks Floor

4. Dirty Ceramic Tiles

5. Pedestrian Detection Panels

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    Gumroad Digest: PBR Materials Packs