Gumroad Digest: Substance Designer Materials

Check out packs with materials made in Substance Designer available on Gumroad. The compilation includes a ceramic tiles generator, 6 basic PBR materials, and a complex ornamental substance.

1. Ceramic Tiles

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A generator from Bohdan Bilous with procedural ceramic tiles.

What’s inside of the pack:

  • .SBS Material
  • .SBSAR Material
  • Generate outputs: BaseColor/Normal/Metalic(gloss in alpha)/height/ambient occlusion/roughness/glossiness

2. Relics of the Blasphemer

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This material from Christopher Alencar is great for those who are working on their sd skills and looking for complex graphs to study.

Pack’s details:

  • graphics of the blasphemer commented with frames
  • 19 separate sub-graphs for each shape (ornamental faces, pendulum elements, hourglass, and other shapes).

3. Basic Materials from Overlaps

The next 6 products are all from by overlaps; these are easy to use PBR materials of brick, stone, and concrete surfaces made in Substance Designer.

You can customize some of the materials by adding cracks, moss, and dirt, changing the color, and more. Each pack has a clean graph and exposed basic parameters.

  • Cobblestone Path
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  • Brick Wall 01
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  • Sandstone Bricks
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  • Round Stone Wall
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  • Terracota Slabs
  • Concrete

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