Gumroad Digest: Working on City Creation

Check out these 5 Gumroad packs with collections and tutorials that will help you to create cities and towns. This digest also includes a tutorial that'll teach you how to create a building generator.

1. SkyScrapers/High Rise Buildings Modular Asset Pack

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Check out the first pack of the digest, the main theme of which is skyscrapers. This package is awesome if you want to create a magnificent skyline of a giant metropolitan area, or if you want to create a unique and unforgettable background.


  • All modular assets
  • Game-ready/Optimized
  • Unique concepts for assets
  • 64 unique meshes
  • Automatically generated collision
  • All skyscrapers are custom-modeled and textured

2.Modern City Downtown with Interiors Megapack (Urban Building/Buildings)

This pack will allow you to recreate almost every downtown area of every large city. More than 350 unique meshes and several animated assets will definitely come in handy!


  • Megapack with 355 unique meshes
  • Attention to detail / AAA quality
  • 45 Decals
  • 14 Blueprints for easy use ( Buildings / Vehicles )
  • 2 Vehicles with color/dirt variations
  • Includes buildings that are fully modular
  • Animations for some assets

3. Stylized/Low Poly Asian City (Leartes Stylized Series)

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If you want to create your own Arabian/Indian environment, then you should definitely check out this package. This pack is very convenient and has many features that'll make your workflow very easy.


  • Complete environment pack
  • 29 Prefabs for easy level building
  • Tileable materials for custom models
  • Very optimized scene
  • Lots of different props

4. Cyberpunk City/Recife Environment

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This package will allow you to create your own сyberpunk world! Different props, assets, and meshes will allow you to customize your own and unique Night City.


  • High attention to details
  • Realistic look
  • Game-ready/Optimized
  • Tileable hologram materials
  • Lots of different props
  • Building and road meshes
  • Different tileable materials

5. Tutorial: Procedural Building Generator in Modo

Check out a video that'll help you understand how to create a procedural building generator in Modo. It'll push your creativity and allow you to create thousands of different buildings, spaceships, weapons, etc. in one click. 

With the Purchase You Will Receive:

  • 2-hour step-by-step video tutorial
  • Ready building generator scene
  • 30 meshes with auto UV's;
  • .obj and .fbx formats, from 50 000 tris per building;
  • 5 materials per building: base, roof, glass, sign, lights.

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