GuruWare Stops Supporting Ivy Generator

GuruWare Stops Supporting Ivy Generator

An official message from the developer mentions a donation of 0.01 Euros and general lack of appreciation.

GuruWare decided to stop supporting a 3ds Max plugin called Ivy Generator. Why did this happen? An official message from the developer mentions a donation of 0.01 Euros and general lack of appreciation. The author wasn’t happy with the way community treated his project, so he stopped the development and removed existing builds of the tool. 

Art by LemonadeCG

Here is the message from the developer:

you can share the zip-file on any site or torrents or whatever, you can also delete it
there are lots of tutorials on the web, somewhere it was rated as one of the 10 “must-have”-plugins,
google for “guruware ivy” – after 10 pages i stopped clicking “next”
must be useless then

downloaded more than 35.000 times, 17.000 connections per month
the sum of donations in 8 years didnt even cover the domain-cost, which i only have for… you?

and please dont start donating now out of pity, dont need that either
also dont need a beer, i’m not drinking alcohol

remember: this is not a rant, maybe it sounds like, but i can assure you
actuially having fun writing this

now i have more time to do stuff i like,
“keeping up the good work”, and play with toys i don’t share anymore, at least not for free


You can get more details on the situation on the GuruWare website.

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Comments 7


    Hey 80 lvl why do you allow complete randoms to post bullshit on here? The people calling this developer a whiner are a joke, I'd love to know who they are but they post ridiculous comments in total anonymity like 12 year old kids. I hope you guys realize you'll never contribute to the CG community with that kind of attitude and will certainly never produce anything as useful or as popular as the Guruware ivy. Idiost


    ·2 years ago·
  • Chax

    Salty? He has been an active part of the 3ds max community for over 20 years. “Buying someone a beer” is a phrase about show some appreciation for something, it is not literal. Wow most of you are clueless



    ·2 years ago·
  • derk Feldspar

    Sad to see this. People are fucking terrible and take rad little tools like ivygen for granted.
    .01 Eu donation!?!?!?! What asshole thought that was funny? I wonder how many games used his tool, because I remember this script from like ten+ years ago.


    derk Feldspar

    ·2 years ago·
  • Ivy Ivy Ivy MK

    Salty guy! maybe he could write more blogs about the donation part maybe he was too silent and nobody knew about it...well someone else will make a better toy like this! or they include it in their program like Blender! it's not the end of the world! lol


    Ivy Ivy Ivy MK

    ·2 years ago·
  • Slim Ivy

    Whiner.   His rant about not even getting paid to host his domain is crap since he uses his site to post other plugins.   Also, he says he doesn't drink yet has a beer icon next to paypal asking to buy a drink.  Salty whiner with a buggy plugin.


    Slim Ivy

    ·2 years ago·
  • Ivy Ivy Pivy

    Does someone know where to get the last version? Since he deleted the file.


    Ivy Ivy Pivy

    ·2 years ago·
  • Max




    ·2 years ago·

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