Half-Life 2 Map Contest: Submit your Level!
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
San Francisco US   19, May — 24, May
London GB   29, May — 1, Jun
Birmingham GB   1, Jun — 4, Jun
Taipei TW   5, Jun — 10, Jun
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by testure
25 min ago

@alex if i had to guess, they just finished two back-to-back AAA games in the same franchise and some people are seeing it as a good time to transition without burning bridges? aka business as usual?

by serkan_buldan@yahoo.com
8 hours ago

Derjyn it is really hard to understand your motivation of commenting. I bought the material and it *highly* satisfied my needs. Also the seller is really helpful, I was'nt able to run it in 4.18 he fixed it in minutes. If you really want make something really productive create your material and than release an article here.

by Alex
8 hours ago

So uhh.. What's happening at Machine Games then?

Half-Life 2 Map Contest: Submit your Level!
20 July, 2015

There’s a great opportunity to show your level design skills in the newest contest by RunThinkShootLive.com.


The task is pretty straightforward. You need to create a a resistance station in the Half-Life universe.

The exact gameplay objective will be the decision of the mapper. The objective could be simply finding the station while being chased by the Combine, defending the base from attack, or attacking the station as the Combine.
The station must be the central theme of the map and the player should be able to explore its various parts.
In terms of its location, that’s entirely up to the mapper. It could be partly underground and partly above, it could be a series of town houses connected via tunnels or a dam. The choice is in the mapper’s hands.
Ideally, there would be some hard to reach sections of the station that require the player to explore.
The player should feel that this base has been around for a while, but it should also be clear that the rebels have made the best of a bad situation and not built something from scratch. Don’t make this a newly built fortification – make it a re-purposed area/building/location.


The deadline for the project submission is August 3, 2015. So you still have 19 more days to go, or just 3 weekends. You can check out the rules on their website. The prizes are pretty basic so don’t expect $10K to be wired into your account, but you should be ready for some cool Steam games.

Source: level-design.org

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