Happy Birthday, Quake!
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Happy Birthday, Quake!
23 June, 2016

20 years ago on June 22nd 1996 our world witnessed the release of a new game from id Software – Quake. This was a fully 3d project, which changed the world of video games forever.

Probably Quake for PC crowd is something of what Super Mario 64 is for Nintendo crowd. It’s a game that totally changed the way we perceive 3d. It helped gamers to view their virtual surroundings in their incredible fullness.


It finally showed why “mouse look” was relevant, it completely revolutionised multiplayer, it gave a huge push to 3dFX and hardware 3d acceleration. Not to mention the level design and music from Trent Reznor. Overall, it’s an amazing game that shaped the whole generation of gamers and game developers. Something you definitely don’t see every day.


To celebrate this amazing event, 80.lv strongly encourages you to head over here. This is an official website of John Romero – one of the original creators of Quake, who published some absolutely amazing historical materials there, including the very first screenshots of Quake.

You can actually buy the project on Steam if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Source: rome.ro

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