Harmony 12: 2D-animation tool behind The Simpsons is available for $15/month
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Where the shield I can download???

Amazing stuff! I really enjoyed reading it!

by Delip Huges
2 days ago

There are AwesomeBump that is written in QT and do not require .NET Framework and has code open.

Harmony 12: 2D-animation tool behind The Simpsons is available for $15/month
16 April, 2015

Harmony 12 is now available on subscription based basis. For a small monthly fee you can get access to one of the best 2D-animation tools used in movie and game industry. A real bargain you can’t miss out!


Today Toon Boom announced a big upgrade to Harmony 12. The program has been thoroughly modified and enriched in features. There’s also a new subscription pricing model. If you haven’t heard about Harmony, here’s a couple of facts that will definitely make you feel interestes. This tool is used to create The Simpsons, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers. It was instrumental in creating The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of the Water and The Princess and the Frog from Disney. In other words it’s the best software for 2D animation money can buy!


Toon Boom wants to make its tools more affordable and accessible for developers and animators all over the world. Subscriptions start at $15 per month, which is cheap enough for any indie developer.

There are three editions to Harmony 12:

  • Essentials ($15). This will do for simple paperless/cutout style projects from hobbyists and enthusiasts.
  • Advanced ($375). A package for professionals. If you’re a studio or a seasoned freelancer – go and grab this tool. This tool provides full paperless and simple cut-out.
  • Premium ($1,975). This is a full pack of features and tools: paperless and sophisticated cut-out style animation with full character rigs.


The Harmony 12 tool was also updated. There’s quite a lot of new features to use:

  • Updated bitmap brush tools (now in just as good as in TVPaint and Photoshop).
  • Support of OpenFX plugins (expands compositing tool possibilities).
  • Enhanced compatibility with Unity.

Deformer Improvements – Simpler set-up and new envelope controls are perfect for bending, squashing and imparting highly organic character movement. New game bone deformers provide game engine compatibility.

Today Toon Boom

More information at www.toonboom.com.

Downlod Free Harmony 12 Trial here.

Source: cartoonbrew.com

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