Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Reaches 500K Sales
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awesome :O

Don't work for me, loading freeze

by Ádám Homoki
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Hi! No matter which platform you buying from, the environment is included. However I encourage using the Unreal Engine's Marketplace: https://goo.gl/7fHdtJ

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Reaches 500K Sales
23 November, 2017

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has reached 500,000 sales in just three months! The epic AAA indie game from Ninja Theory beat all expectations and the studio can now celebrate its profit. 

PC brought half of those sales for the title, no details on the console part. Originally, Ninja Theory had plans on selling 500,000 copies in six months, but the team managed to smash the initial target. 

“Creatively we hit a home run, but our other major goal was to prove that there was a space between indie and triple-A games that could work commercial. And for that, sales do matter,” said one of the team members.

Hellblade sold 250,000 units across PS4 and PC in a week, becoming the top selling game on the European PlayStation Store in August. The Senua story is a project from a 20-man team which spent three years to develop the game.

“The escalating stakes in the AAA retail publishing model has killed off countless independent studios like us, many smaller publishers, and is now straining even the largest of publishers.  This isn’t survival of the fittest but a routing of the creative base upon which this industry was built,” stated a developer from the studio. 

“The future isn’t written and we don’t believe that the writing is on the wall.  AAA will always exist but we need strong alternatives as well. Three years ago we announced our intention to find a way to do our best work outside of the AAA retail model and have openly documented the journey in our thirty development diaries.”

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