High-Quality Iris Assets

High-Quality Iris Assets

Texturing.XYZ has presented a new library of iris assets for setting up eyes.

Each pack features two high poly models and low-poly models, 6 utility maps, an AO map, and more.


  • 2 high-poly geos, the top, and bottom of the iris.
  • 1 low-poly geo (to be used with the displacement map).
  • 1 height/displacement map.
  • 6 different ID maps known as utility maps.
  • 1 ambient occlusion map.
  • 1 fresnel map.
  • 3 different shaders: blue, brown and green
  • 3 albedo maps: blue, brown and green

The team describes the project as “a fully 3D procedural iris system.” They turned a 2D texture into a mesh containing all the fibers and smallest details. As a result, you get realistic illumination, accurate lighting representation, infinite color variations and endless possibilities from any point of view.

The team set up a library containing 100 packs with a lot of options and a unique looking iris for all kinds of projects.

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    High-Quality Iris Assets