Houdini Guide: Kitbash Vein Growth
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Long life to Embark studio and its fabulous procedural artists dream team !

Houdini Guide: Kitbash Vein Growth
10 August, 2018

Check out a two-part tutorial to creating a procedural vein inside Houdini by Entagma. The thing is that guide shows a way you can make your vein art-directable. 

This tutorial shows you how to create a procedural vein, that is composed of small segments that you drawn by hand. This way the overall look of the vein is art-directable.

While creating the vein you learn about concepts like matrix multiplication, quaternions, and the primuv() function as well as looping in SOPs. This is the first part of a two-part tutorial, that deals with the creation of the vein itself. The second part (that will be released in 2 weeks) extends the setup with branches, hull geo, and growth.

This time we extend the setup from two weeks ago.

Randomly selected branches are added to the vein. We create rendering geometry for the splines and eventually make the vein grow. To grow the branches we have a look at the adjustPrimLength() VEX function from the groom library.


Make sure to share your thoughts on the guide in the comments below. 

Source: entagma.com

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