Houdini Hive Worldwide Talks Available

Learn how you can use Houdini for all kinds of tasks. 

SideFX has recently hosted its Houdini HIVE Worldwide event with over 35 guides from experienced Houdini artists. Some of the talks also feature downloadable files so you can study them and follow along. All the talks and assets are now available on the SideFX website.

One of the sessions, for example, is dedicated to a new efficient method for solving and simulating trees with thick trunks and branches. With this presentation by Mohamed Kamal Abujazar, you will learn how to use the soft body simulation (wire solver) and dynamic constraint in Houdini to achieve the most accurate and art-directable results. The session also teaches how to use the Pyro FX solver for animating trees.

You can learn more, grab files, and find other sessions here

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    Houdini Hive Worldwide Talks Available