HoudiniI 16.5: New Hair & Fur,
 Narrow Band Fluid Sims, Polyreduce
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Great work Gabe!

Incredible job, love the breakdown and can't wait to see what you make next!

HoudiniI 16.5: New Hair & Fur,
 Narrow Band Fluid Sims, Polyreduce
7 November, 2017

SideFX has just released the newest version of its powerful package – Houdini 16.5. The updates a variety of new features and improvements in VFX, modeling, rendering, and UI. 

“The SideFX R&D team has been packing a ton of new features and enhancements into Houdini and whether you’re using Houdini for film, TV, advertising, motion graphics, games, or something else – there’s a feature in there for everyone. I actually think of 16.5 as a full release, masquerading as a dot release.”

Kim Davidson, President and CEO, SideFX 

For film, TV, advertising and motion graphics artists, the top new features and enhancements include:

  • Narrow band fluids memory usage and 3X speed (compared to full band)

  • Air incompressibility – for accurate bubble behaviour
  • Optical flow – use 2D or 3D sources to drive any type of Houdini simulation
  • Simulated muscle and flesh – point deform & FEM
  • Crowds with partial ragdolls and quadruped support
  • Grooming enhancements – flexible grooming, faster controls, and artist-friendly tools

For videogame developers and artists, the top new features and enhancements include:

  • PolyReduce – improved reduction algorithm, preserve quads, reduction based on texture maps, geometry silhouettes or any other attributes
  • UV layout – insanely tight packing
  • Terrain – smoothly transplant a feature from one height field into another
  • Rounded-edge rendering – generates beveled edge at render time, output to texture maps – rounded edge can also double as a mask for dirt maps

You can check the full links of Houdini 16.5 features over at the official website.


Houdini Core and Houdini FX – Houdini 16.5 can be downloaded from SideFX.com immediately with Houdini Core available for $1,995 USD and Houdini FX available for $4,495 USD. These prices include first year on the Annual Upgrade Plan.

Houdini Indie – Houdini Indie is also available for $199 USD per year. This version offers limited commercial usage for indie gamers and animators making up to $100K USD per year and cannot be used in the same pipeline as commercial versions of Houdini.

FREE Houdini Apprentice – For students and artists, SideFX has a free Houdini Apprentice Edition which allows non-commercial usage with a render restriction of 1280×720 and a watermark.

Source: sidefx.co

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