How Blizzard Develops Maps for Overwatch?
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by Constantine Medvedev
15 min ago

Great work and breakdown! Thanks for sharing :)

Thiago has escaped from a question about how is the policy in Blizzard :) Or it's just too short quote?

Please put head title as podcast!

How Blizzard Develops Maps for Overwatch?
11 May, 2018
Level Design

Check out Overwatch Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller talking with Ars Technica about the production of the Rialto map.

Rialto is a new map for Overwatch and it differs greatly from some of the other levels, created for this online multiplayer shooter. Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller talked with Ars Technica to discuss why this project was so different. It’s nothing super new, but it’s still great to hear Blizzard explain the process.

Aaron Keller was actually a lead level designer at Blizzard. He worked on World of WarCraft, Legacy of Kain, and Diablo III.


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