How Halloween 2022 Events Influenced Mobile Games' Revenues

GamesRefinery revealed how Halloween 2022 events boosted revenues of various mobile games.

GameRefinery has released a new report giving some insights into how Halloween 2022 events influenced consumer spending on mobile games.

According to the firm, Diablo Immortal's first seasonal event, Hallow's Wake, which took place just a few months after the game's launch, caused an immediate spike in revenue. However, since Diablo Immortal's release, its revenue was gradually decreasing. In addition, previous content updates brought the game more revenue than Hallow's Wake update.

Data for Mario Kart World Tour suggest that its Halloween Tour event, which ran from October 19 to November 1, significantly boosted the game's daily revenue – following the first day of the event, it rose by almost two times compared to the beginning of October. Moreover, after the update launch, the overall revenue of the project as a whole remained at a level higher than it was before.
Another great example of a positive influence of Halloween events is NPixel’s MMORPG Gran Saga: Mirage Nightmare. The Halloween update for the game launched on October 20 and immediately increased its daily revenue by over 400%. Consumer spending returned to normal only by the first days of November.

GameRefinery also mentioned Clash of Clans’ Halloween 2022 update but didn't specify how exactly it affected the game's revenue only noting that it was the "proof that you don’t need to go wild for Halloween to be successful."

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