How Rich is Gabe Newell?
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How Rich is Gabe Newell?
25 October, 2017

Founder of Steam made it to the 97th position on the Forbes 400 list, worth an estimated $5.5 billion.

We all love old uncle Gabe. The man who founded Valve, developed Half-Life and created Steam (which singlehandedly saved PC games). Gabs Newell is the guy in our industry. But how much is he really worth? Well, Forbes has the answer apparently.

According to Gamesindustry (via Glixel), Newell is the 97th on the Forbes 400 list. His wealth actually has gone up five times in size since 2013. Today he has over $5.5 billion. Bill Gates has about $89 billion. So there’s room for growth obviously. But even now Newell is richer than even George Lucas (118th), and Steven Spielberg (206th).

Valve was founded by Newell and his former Microsoft co-worker Mike Harrington in 1996. The company is famous for releasing Half-Life 1-2, Portal 1-2, Left4Dead series, DOTA II. Apart from Steam, which is the main source of income for the company, Valve also invests in VR with HTC Vive and PC with the Steam Machine.


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What people don’t usually know is that Gabe funded Valve with his own money, earned from the job he had at Microsoft. (He was one of the first employees and sold his shares, basically). He is awesome.