How To Apply For A Game Graphics Job

Alex Tardif published a guide, where he shared important steps and tips that can give you higher chances to get a good job in game graphics. 

Finding a job in game graphics can be exhausting since the requirements seem to be unbelievably high. Alex Tardif, who works as the Lead Graphics Programmer, has faced this problem, too, and decided to create a job application guide for those, who are about to start their career in game graphics. 

He does notice that the aim of the guide isn't to solve everything but to help to have higher chances to get a wanted job. 

The guide has 10 main points regarding the experience, portfolio, and skills:

  • Job Listing Requirements in Context -  a piece of advice on how to look through the requirements and not to get terrified;
  • Understand the Graphics Job Listing -  a trick on how to read the requirements and to see what kind of position it really is;
  • Programming Fundamentals are actually more valuable for companies. Find out why!
  • You Don't Need to Be a Math Wizard - check what do you need to know in maths for the game graphics job position;
  • Solidify Your Familiarity with the Graphics Pipeline, so you can show and share your knowledge about the production overall.
  • Learn the Basics of a Modern Graphics API since the industry grows, modifies and changes really fast:
  • Implement a Graphics Paper and Share Results - a reminder to always attach your works, so the company will actually see what you are capable of;
  • Try Out a Graphics Debugger that will eventually become your best friend in the production;
  • Highlight Collaborative Skills to show that you know how to be a team player when it's crucial;
  • Apply Everywhere You Can since it's the only way to get experience in finding a job that you want and to see what's on-trend in the industry right now;

Each point has a description with examples that can help you get a better vision of the process. Alex also mentioned a few recommendations on what to read to enhance your skills in game graphics along the way. 

Check the guide here for more information and links!

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