HTC Reveals the VIVE Pro
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amazing stuff man

by Mau Vasconcellos
7 hours ago

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12 hours ago

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HTC Reveals the VIVE Pro
8 January, 2018

HTC revealed a new version of the VIVE VR headset at the CES press conference in Las Vegas. The announced Vive Pro features a resolution of 3K with two OLED panels (a combined resolution of 2880 x 1600), offering a sharper image than the predecessor from 2016.

This is not an all-new model, the display upgrade is still a huge thing. The current Vive presents the screen door effect (SDE) — users can see the space between pixels. The new model will improve the situation, providing clearer, more convincing images.

Still, 3K won’t solve the issue completely as experts claim that VR headsets need 16K to reach the desired effect.

What is more, the new headset improves integrated audio, so there’s no need for the $99 add-on to enjoy the sound. The company is also releasing a separate add-on created with Intel to make the kit and the original Vive work wirelessly. The headstrap has been improved too, and the device, features dual microphones.

The new product also brings the second camera on the front, but a little is known about its purpose:

We’re not putting any examples on display, but we are working on a lot of examples of how developers can take advantage of the second camera and do different types of maybe augmented reality experiences and trying different things. We are opening the second camera up and giving developers a better camera experience than they had on the original Vive, and we’re working with a lot of developers on different experiences they can use with two cameras, like having depth-sensing with the second camera. A lot of the new features and functions are in-progress, and we’re excited about showing those things off very soon.

HTC Vive general manager Daniel O’Brien


More details are coming soon, so stay tuned. 


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