Hypixel Studios is Hiring UX Designer and VFX Artist

Don't miss a chance to apply to these job openings and join the Hypixel team to start working on new projects.

Hypixel Studios is looking to expand its Art team here at Hypixel Studios which collaborates remotely from around the world. The team is seeking a Senior VFX Artist, capable of mentoring a small team of artists, with the intent to improve our skill range, and the quality of their visual special effects, and a talented and passionate UX Designer.

We've gathered the core values of Hypixel Studios and if it sounds like you, join this team by applying to their openings. 

We are currently 60+ strong, and we cover all of the traditional roles of game development. Art, programming, production, design, and so on. The three key qualities we look for in applicants are:

  • Skilled and self-driven.
  • Has a history of doing cool stuff.
  • Puts players first.

Core values at Hypixel Studios: 

Self-driven, not driven
The studio is composed of people who don’t need to be compelled to do creative work. It is here to facilitate your passion, skill, and work ethic and let it flow from you. 

Heart and soul
The team acknowledges the human cost that this requires and it is that level of passion and commitment that they as a studio act to recognize, respect, and reward.

Recognizing humanity
The team understands that humans are subject to life’s ups and downs. They have burnouts, they have productivity curves, non-work circumstances can interfere - the company fundamentally appreciates that not every day can be a ‘good day’. 

A remote-first and remote-focused geo-diverse company
Remote working is at the heart of who Hypixel Studios are. They support flexible working hours and endeavor to accommodate team members residing out of this band to the best of their ability.

We’re proud to be part of a diverse culture of extroverted introverts. We are defined not just by our cultural diversity but also by our passions and interests. At Hypixel we welcome and feed off each other's passions, and pour that energy into our community and our games. Our environment is one that encourages people to talk about what they love and share their experiences with the rest of the team. We come from many backgrounds and recognize the value added to the game and studio from diversity in every sense, including race and ethnicity, neurodiversity, sexuality, disability, and gender identity.

The company offers a chance to work on a new game project with an extremely motivated team, opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally, a stable and secure work environment, the ability to work remotely.

If you liked what you've seen, please check out job opportunities at Hypixel Studios and apply on 80LV Job Board. 

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