id Software Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The founders of the studio discussed the early days back in the 1990s and talked about their biggest titles, Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. 

Doom 3

On February 1, 1991, John Romero, John Carmack, Tom Hall, and Adrian Carmack founded id Software, the developer of such well-known games as Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. The founders discussed with How-To Geek the 30-year-long career path in the industry, reminisced about the early old days, and talked about their games. 

My favorite project was Doom. had more of a hand in Doom than any of our other games, and really defined so much of it. Tom Hall did the initial game design, then I revised and simplified it. I defined the level design style and made the first episode. I wrote the level design tool, DoomEd in NeXTSTEP OS.

John Romero via the interview

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