ILM: New Facial Capture System
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by Olivia
7 hours ago

Awesome! I had been working on a similar project couldn't figure out the snow on the trees for the life of me! It's great to see how you approached it. The work look great! Thanks for sharing your process.

17 hours ago

That's awesome.

by sanek94cool
1 days ago

I believe author would be surprised that it's not american, but soviet bunker :)

ILM: New Facial Capture System
7 September, 2017

Industrial Light & Magic has showed some new impressive motion capture suits and stages in the new episode of BBC Click. The new system gives the studio real-time output and the final results are outstanding!

What’s new about the capture system? It’s the live rending of the performer’s expressions. The main focus here is the face. Being able to see the 3D results while recording is a huge step for the CG industry. The directors can control the facial expressions each frame and make the right decisions.

Only one face camera and a few mocap dots are used to detect the changes. This simplified recording is then compared to a higher resolution 3D capture of the actor’s face that’s been taken beforehand. 

Make sure to watch the full video from BBC to get more details on the new system. 

Source: BBC Click

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