Imitating Disney’s Dr. Facilier Shadow in UE4
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by lesa cote
9 hours ago

This is a great post on star wars. Our cheap assignment experts are really impressed.

Thanks for sharing, the lighting on the wheels and coins is beautiful, very painterly.

by Catalyst
17 hours ago

The site is in Japanese, but the program was in English for me.

Imitating Disney’s Dr. Facilier Shadow in UE4
15 March, 2017
Tom Looman presented his experiments with Forward shading in Unreal Engine 4 inspired by Dr. Facilier’s shadow in The Princess and the Frog. 

Enabling forward rendering changes UE4’s default deferred pipeline. Here is Tom’s result:

The implementation is really quite basic, I used the LightAttenuationTexture available only in Forward-rendering of the engine to find which part of affected by light. To access this buffer you need to use the Custom-node in the material editor, and apply the following code:

return Square(Texture2DSampleLevel(LightAttenuationTexture, LightAttenuationTextureSampler, UV, 0));

“UV” is an input parameter (so make sure it’s added to the param list of the custom node) in which we feed the ScreenAlignedUVs node output.

For those interested, I found this snippet in the engine’s shader folder at …/4.14/Engine/Shaders/Common.usf and contains the function  GetPerPixelLightAttenuation(float2 UV);

Tom Looman

The material used in the GIF:

Make sure to read the full post on implementing forward shading inside UE4 here

Source: Tom Looman

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