Impact Winter - Survival Experience with Nonlinear Storyline
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Impact Winter - Survival Experience with Nonlinear Storyline
9 February, 2017
BANDAI NAMCO has presented a new survival experience called Impact Winter, which will be launched on April 12th for PC gamers. The game will also be released for PS4 and Xbox One users later this year. Let’s check if this game is worth your time. 

Player will try to survive the unforgiving world of the never-ending snowfall. Haunting interiors that lie deep below and the weather condition above will make you think about every step. Impact Winter is described as a game with a non-linear sandbox for you to explore however you choose.

One of the main things here is, of course, scavenging. The game is said to feature hundreds of items across 7 categories: from ‘Junk’ to ‘Electronics’. 

The studio has decided to refuse the traditional mission structure, relying on ‘Story Events’ system, which is about random events: from wandering strangers to storms damaging your structures. So the developers claim that the game will be unique for each player. 

As the leader of the team, Jacob Solomon, you will guide your team through the next 30 days. Each member has a unique set of skills that will make your team stronger. 

The game from BANDAI NAMCO seems like a nice take on the survival genre. We love games like State of Decay, so Impact Winter might be a good one to spend some time with. You can find more info on the game here.

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