Infuse Studio: Asset Packs for Game Developers

Infuse Studio: Asset Packs for Game Developers

Jacob Sutton talked about some of the nice asset packs, available for UE4 game developers.

We were happy to talk to Jacob Sutton from Infuse Studio. Recently his company launched a new “Apothecary and Alchemy” environment pack. In our interview, he talked about the recent projects and how he and his team build nice asset packs for game creators.



I’m Jacob Sutton Co-Owner, and Environment Artist at Infuse Studio. I started with game development at Epic Games as a Content Artist/ Marketplace Coordinator. Fresh out of college I was offered a contract job at Epic working on the marketplace which at that point was still in development. We started out by converting content for some Unity store sellers for UE4 to get enough content ready for the UE4 Marketplace launch. About a half a year later  the marketplace was launched and stable. Some fellow team members were starting to help with the Kite Demo “GDC tech demo”. I was obviously very interested in working on the project but didn’t know Zbrush at all, which was a crucial software in the pipeline they were using. I took it upon myself to learn Zbrush and after a few short weeks of using it I was invited onto the project. While on the project I got to work with great artists at Epic and create some amazing rocks using the custom photogrammetry pipeline and foliage using photo source.


A year later I left Epic Games and started contracting with Poly Pixel where I was a Foliage/Rock Artist. I really got to perfect my pipeline for creating foliage assets while working with them. You can see more of my past work here

I started Infuse Studio with my business partner Taylor Christensen, one year ago, we decide to create asset packs for the Unreal Marketplace in between contract work to help get our name out to the public. We have continued to work on releasing more packs between work ever since. Our goal with the packs are to try and provide assets that small studios would need that not only look good but are game ready and, most of all, usable. Each pack is a huge learning experience for us as a team. Figuring out what the public wants and how they want it made isn’t something that happens overnight.


Here are some projects that we are very proud of.

Medieval VR: VR Demo (WIP)

We recently acquired an HTC Vive to start learning how to develop for VR and what the limitations would be while developing for others using VR. We decided the only way to truly test this is to create our own VR Demo featuring assets from our 3 medieval themed packs. Seeing your own 3d assets in VR is something that is indescribable and you often don’t realize how big things really are until you are standing next to them and look up in VR. Eventually we might sell this project as a pack for people that want a jump start on a medieval VR game. This project is still in the very early stages of development but should be done within a few months.

Castle Fortress V2.0: UE4 Asset Pack


A while after we released Castle Fortress we realized we missed some things and felt that we should make a huge update to make the pack more usable than ever thanks to customer feedback. This is by far our largest pack with over 200 meshes and lots of custom tiling materials made using Substance Designer. Being the only castle pack on the marketplace we knew that we had an obligation to make the pack better with new features like, vertex painting, making LODs for all objects and tons of mesh optimization.

Apothecary and Alchemy: UE4 Asset Pack


This pack released a few weeks ago on the marketplace and seems to have been overshadowed by some other products. We are extremely proud of this pack and think it’s our best work yet. Unlike Castle Fortress and Blacksmith Forge this pack mainly focuses on interior assets which was a breath of fresh air for us. This pack ended up having twice as much content than we originally planned mainly to make it feel more complete as a whole.

Blacksmith Forge: UE4 Asset Pack


The Blacksmith pack is our smallest with a main focus on blacksmithing tools and props. Being so small we were able to have this pack done in about two weeks not counting LOD creation. We always wanted to create a blacksmith scene and the Castle Fortress seemed like a perfect backdrop for such a pack.

Forgotten Hotel: UE4 Asset Pack


Marketplace Link

This was our first asset pack as a team and we are still proud of how well it came together. Inspired by scenes of the last of us and P.T. like games we decided we would create something of our own. Although it was the first product we made as a team we still stand by the quality of the work.

Jacob Sutton, Infuse Studio

Interview conducted by Kirill Tokarev

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    Infuse Studio: Asset Packs for Game Developers