Inner Chains: UE4 Model of HELL!
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Inner Chains: UE4 Model of HELL!
9 September, 2015

Inner Chains is a single-player horror FPS built with Unreal Engine 4 and developed by Telepaths Tree. The team behind the game consists of industry veterans from studios such as People Can Fly, Epic Games, Flying Wild Hog, Platige Image, CreativeForge, and CD Projekt RED.

Set in a dark and mysterious world, the objective of this new title (that has yet to have a set release date) is to explore the mystical and unknown world you’re in while getting past all the dangerous obstacles that are put in front of you by the biomechanical environment.


In-Game Enemy © Telepaths Tree

You’ll feel lost, you’ll feel unsure of yourself, but you’ll be able to uncover the mystery and use what you have discovered against those who are out to harm you. It isn’t like other games where your hand is held and you’re walked through. Inner Chains will only give you clues and how you choose to tackle the challenges in front of you is in your hands.

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Environments range from mountain ruins, to dark forests, to great temples. All of these hold mysteries, dangers, and secrets. Discover the story and use it to fight your enemies. The whole thing is developed with the help of Unreal Engine 4, which seems like the obvious choice since People Can Fly and Epic Games know best how to use this tool to build hauntingly beautiful environment. The level of polish and the amount of effects in the scene really make this project stand out from the crowd. We hope to hear more about the project in the nearest future.

Check out the official website here.



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[…] An announcement teaser of single-player horror FPS placed in a biomechanical world made by Telepaths Tree Studio – Inner Chains. They use the Unreal Engine 4 technology to create a grim gloomy atmosphere of the game. To learn more about ithe game follow this link. […]