InstaLOD SDK2: Simple Optimization
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by Tawiah Nyamekye
53 min ago

One of the best personal projects I've seen. Good job!

by adamDe
1 hours ago

amazing skill!! :)

6 hours ago

Thanks for sharing!

InstaLOD SDK2: Simple Optimization
8 September, 2017

InstaLOD SDK2 Update 3 is finally here. This software allows to achieve high quality mesh optimizations, work with fast and high-quality remeshing, occlusion culling, build imposters and AAA-grade baking. It’s a pretty versatile tool, which we were happy to see at SIGGRAPH 2017. And the great thing is that this product fits both for bigger companies and for indie developers as well.

With the latest iteration of Smart Optimizer V2 our team keeps pushing the frontier of what is considered to be possible with polygon optimization. Other features include support for large texture data, automatically inserting UV splits for normal splits and a new HD multi-pass dithering when down sampling 16bpp data to 8bpp to bake beautiful normal-maps with reduced banding artifacts. These are just a few out of more than 100 significant new features, improvements and changes.

InstaLOD SDK2 Update 3 also marks the availability of InstaLOD for Unity – the perfect integration of InstaLOD into the Unity 3D engine. All features are available and neatly integrated into the tech: create high-quality polygon optimizations, remove hidden polygons, or merge your entire scene into a single texture – all at the push of a button.


You can get more information about the product over here. It’s very easy to arrange a live demo with the devs, they have a lot of info about the tool.


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