Interview: Working on Maps for Halo Games

Artists Chris Carney and Steve Cotton talked about their work on the maps for the second and third Halo games and discussed the solutions they found for the design.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection

PC Gamer did an interview with Halo artists Chris Carney and Steve Cotton, who shared their experience on working with the Halo 2 and 3 design and reminisced about the old times when they joined Bungie and started working together.

For the talk, they specifically focused on the following maps: Zanzibar, Lockout, Containment, and Terminal. Steve and Chris shared the initial ideas of each map, the production insights, and the testing stage and looked back on the way the team worked in quite tough conditions.

We were playtesting in the mornings and the evenings so we were getting tons of feedback. Max was working with us helping dial in weapons. We had rocket tracking on the Warthog so we were trying to get that to feel really good. I do remember with like four days left before we had to be done for E3, we realized there was no way in heck we were going to even get the whole thing textured, let alone looking good enough to put on the E3 floor. So then all the environment artists dogpiled it for like 48 hours with us and did the majority of the art, which made it look really nice.

Chris Carney via interview

Halo 2 was first released in 2004 for Xbox and became available for PC in December 2019 within Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam.

To read the full version of the interview, visit the PC Gamer website.

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    Interview: Working on Maps for Halo Games