Introduction to Gameplay Framework of Unreal
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Introduction to Gameplay Framework of Unreal
7 May, 2018

The Gameplay Framework of UE4 is an amazing set of classes that can help you build all kinds of games. Use it to set up a shooter, farm simulator, a nice RPG, or anything else — your fantasy is the limit. It is all about flexibility, but what are the tricks here? The thing is deeply integrated with Unreal so you should always consider trying these classes instead of building your own framework. How? Check out a beginner’s guide to the Gameplay Framework by Tom Looman in order to get started.  

Here is a little introduction to get you interested:

Anyone who is interesting in building games with UE4, specifically those in C++, and would like to learn more about Unreal’s Gameplay Framework. This post walks through the core classes you will use from the Gameplay Framework and explains their use, how they get instantiated by the engine and how to access each of those classes from other parts of your game code. Most of the information presented applies to Blueprint as well.

If you are looking to get started with Unreal Engine 4, check out my earlier guide. I have another guide specific to Virtual Reality for beginners for those looking to educate themselves on the specifics of VR in Unreal Engine 4.

Gameplay Framework Classes

When building games in Unreal Engine 4 you’ll find a lot of boilerplate is already done for you. There are a handful of classes you’ll be using a lot in making games in C++ or Blueprint for that matter. I’ll walk through each of the classes, some neat features they hold and how to reference them from other places in your code. Most information in this guide applies to Blueprint all the same, although I use C++ snippets and some functions may not be exposed to Blueprint and therefore only relevant to C++ users.

Tom Looman 

You can find the full guide here

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